Product general


Software Platform

Memoways is an innovative audio-visual Software Platform: a cloud based and collaborative set of tools that allows content producers to creatively deliver online video for mobile uses, interactivity and user engagement.

By using our innovative Software Platform, you can leverage your existing and future documents to a new level of user experience: let your audience seaminglesly interact and become engaged with your content to get their own original and exciting experience…

The audience does not need to search for the right content in a data deluge or to struggle through a labyrinth of endless propositions: the content is automatically fitting in the context and the usage of the audience.

New original ways of navigating through our shared digital memory…

With Memoways, you will be able to seamlessly deliver media that is fully tailored to an individual user’s profile, preferences or the behavior.

One of these factors is behavior in the physical world. The media assets are tagged by their position on the world map, which means that the places an user visits play a crucial role in determining what assets will be used in his final product.

With the bold concepts it introduces, Memoways represents a true revolution in the way content creation is regarded. It rewards creators, by exponentially increasing the value and usability of their media, and also end users, by offering them a fresh and exciting experience that is as personal as they expect.

Multiple outputs


The interesting and valuable part of working with the Memoways Cloud Platform is that your content and metadata can be used and leveraged for many different uses and outputs, in specific and automatic ways.

Once you completed the indexing of your content (by adding keywords and tags to your documents), you can set up your projects to provide your end users with individualized and exciting presentations.

Be it for an innovative smartphone application or a responsive website: the way your content will be shown and used will depend on the keywords and settings you choose in the Memoways application.
And of course, the way the end user interacts with the « storyworld » you created for him…