Memoways old home


A software platform

Edit your content in the cloud with Tansa, our innovative OS X Indexing Application; publish your content to your audience to be remixed through Memowalk, our original audio-guide and Memobam, the web based remix tool.

All this without even writing one line of code !

To tell stories

Engage your audience through personalized and interactive storytelling: with our software platform you manage the content and control the rules, so your public can play with your dynamically evolving stream of content.

For each end user a different unique story !

For mobile usages

On your way, get access to the audio-visual memory of a place. With our editing algorithm, the content will dynamically fit into your own personal context, providing a seamless and unique experience while being mobile.

Walk your own movie !


Leverage your content for mobile uses.

Bring stories in the context of your audience.

Create & organize your content

You are producing audio-visual content and want to bring it in original and innovative ways to your audience ?

Upload, add intelligence to your content through our powerful OS X Application and connect the assets to Web Services.

Exclusive features:

  • spaceline editing
  • magic metadata
  • editing engine
  • mobile creation.

The Memoways Cloud Platform provides the content producers with a serie of tools and features that ensure a coherent media workflow.

Give a new life to your archives by building up endless ways through your memory.

Engage your audience through personalized interactions within their own specific context.

Want to work in an agile way with your team, without limits ? Invite as many collaborators you want, work together from anywhere (with a simple internet connection), free yourself from time limits (the end of invisible archives) and let your projects evolve dynamically with you !

Memoways provides robust and innovative Asset Management features:

  • automatic metadata creation
  • file transcoding, statistics
  • usage simulations
  • mobile app building
  • connecting applications through our API’s


Our collaborative software platform enables modern web media distribution

and leverages digital media content for new user experiences, based mainly on mobile computing situations.


Your audience is mobile and hoping for contextualized content fitting into their personal expectations ? Your customers wait for personalized and engaging stories ?

By using the Memoways Cloud Platform and our mobile app architecture, your content will be seamlessly integrated into individualized stories and dynamic data visualisations.