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Memoways introduces Comet

Something is missing on the web.

When you watch a video on Youtube for example, you are looking at a static file: a bit like a PDF, it will never change, evolve or allow you to personalize the story you get.


Imagine that the video stream is adapting itself to your questions, your needs or even your behavior


We created Comet…


Comet connects a video to a stream of video fragments.
On one hand, you have an edited movie, telling a story in a closed and linear form.
On the other hand, you have a stream of video fragments, giving access to additional information in an open and dynamic way.
The head of the Comet is the edited movie, while the trail is the stream of video fragments.
The use of the video player is very simple: watch a video, select interesting topics just by clicking on keywords that will dynamically appear under the video and create a personal playlist of additional content, you can then remix and share.
Comet enables users to easily create and share their experiences with video !

Value proposition

Comet leverages unused video material, like the bonus part on a DVD.
Comet allows the user to find more information about a specific topic, like with the Internet.
Comet is making the bridge between the linear and closed watching of video content and the new way to access content through the ever evolving and open Internet.

For the content producer, Comet powers up discovery and user engagement to increase viewing time and user retention.
For the end user, Comet allows personalized and stimulating consumption of videos from the content producer.

Here is an example of how it works for the first two parts:

Once you have created your playlist, you can remix: drag&drop to reorder, click on the « x » symbol to remove a video.



At the end, you can simply create a link to your playlist, like this one.

The Comet video player is:

  • A custom video player using YouTube as the video server. All videos are stored on YouTube, along with additional information as the creation date and comments. This means every view of a video on the Comet player will also update the view count on YouTube.
  • More than a classical video player: Comet powers up a new way of discovering additional content, to create a personal playlist of interesting videos that can then be shared as a new story. In a nutshell, Comet is a player coming together with simple and intuitive editing capacities.

The content leveraged through the Comet video player has to be prepared in advance with following workflow:

  • The editing work (choosing the right parts of a video, cutting videos together) can be made with any software.
  • The indexation (the addition of annotations on specific segments of a video and keywords on a whole video) are made through the software Prelude from Adobe.
  • The editorial information (annotations and keywords = metadata) are stored in the Memoways database. A web based tool allows to upload the indexation work done in Prelude and to update the player with new content and metadata.

Memoways is working on a web based cataloguer and indexing tool, allowing to make all the work needed for the creation of a Comet player in one place, in the cloud.

We are also working on a improved concept of the Comet video player, bringing a completely new and more powerful way to navigate, discover, combine and share videos.

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