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Memowalk on the podium of the ESNC award

The mobile video application concept of Memowalk was awarded at the ESNC Swiss Regional Award 2015 with the third place.

For the 12th year running, the ESNC has proven to be a success with 515 submissions from more than 40 different countries.

We would like to congratulate you as your idea took the 3rd place in the ranking list and was recognized by the Expert Panel. The competition was very high and you were very close to win the competition for the Most Promising application idea for European GNSS.

Once the accuracy of the GPS positionning system becomes widely available and easy to implement, it’s up to companies like Memoways to provide users with original usages.
The Memowalk concept uses the GPS signal (in combination with the accelerometer) to create behavioral patterns. With those patterns it is possible to generate a story that “fits” with the behavior of a user, over time.

We have several ideas and available code to realize innovative usages – now we “just” have to find partners with financial capacities to bring them to the world.

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