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Memoways internship opportunities


Looking for an intership for the summer? Memoways is looking for a front-end developer and all-around tinkerer for a two-month period.

Who we are

Memoways is a young start-up software company based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our team is distributed geographically among Switzerland and France. We communicate mostly online (via HipChat, Bitbucket, etc.).

Our core mission is to enable powerful storytelling via a set of tools:

  • Video streaming on our cloud
  • Custom metadata indexing via our OSX app, Tansa
  • In-browser remix and data visualization (cf. Hub)

Our team of four comes from various backgrounds and age ranges – we all bring our own unique expertise to the mix.

We don’t evaluate quality of work based on the number of hours spent, but rather on the end result!

Who you are

You are at the crossroads of web design and front-end development. You have messed around with WordPress, and you can look up CSS documentation whenever you need a quick refresher. You’re interested in seeing how to build and install solutions for actual clients.

You can communicate with a team, follow objectives and are not afraid to iterate on a design, going back and forth to best meet the needs of the project. You are familiar with decentralized source control (git) and have ideally contributed to open-source before.

You know when to implement something from scratch and when to re-use an existing project and integrate it to your work. You don’t like to write more code than needed and prefer to carefully think about the best way to go about implementing something.

You have an aesthetic sensibility, yet you are willing to compromise to fit the guidelines handed to you. You are not just a coder, you like to create a satisfying and accessible user experience from the ground up.

What would the internship look like?

As the core Memoways team is busy improving the foundation of our various offerings, we need someone to handle integration of our Memowalk and Memobeam products with various clients.

You would receive directions on Hipchat, where the dev team hangs out, and there you could also get guidance and advice from the rest of the team. We are looking to make this internship beneficial for both parties! A learning experience for you, and tangible deliverables for our clients.

Work would be committed to private BitBucket repositories, reviewed by members of the Core team, and deployed in production within the duration of your internship.

We would be able to pay your expenses up to 1000.- CHF/month, for a maximum of two months.

Interested? Shoot an e-mail to [email protected] and let’s get to know each other!