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Memowalk is our innovative smartphone application to « walk your movie ».
Walk your movie ? Yes, while walking you get automatically a movie based on footage coming from the place you are going through and which adapts the form of the narration to your behavior…
You walk fast ? You get a fast edit based on short clips. You stand still ? The story will be build upon longer clips, like interviews.

We made a short video to explain some of the possible usages that can be made with this generic application.

In short, Memowalk creates a personal story based on the interests, the localisation and the behavior of each individual user. It all depends on the content, the metadata (indexing of the content) and the settings of the editing engine.

It will be possible to get branded and personalized versions of this application.

Memowalk will be published as a free app on the App Store in May – until then we will tell more about the features and the user experience in a forthcoming post on this blog. Stay tuned !

Thanks to the team of C-Side Productions for providing the shooting material (shot on RED EPIC) and the team, to the protagonists and Sinner DC for the music. This video wouldn’t exist without Diogo Costa how was second cameraman with his Canon 5D and who did the editing & compositing.