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Tansa: taxonomies & more

Spring is incoming, and so are news about Tansa, our native OS X editing software.

To be more precise, Tansa is:
– a tool to create a cloud based database (with specific fields & individual taxonomies)
– a cataloguer to add information & intelligence on assets
– a project editor, to create & manage interactive and dynamic usages of chosen assets

All together and looking at the usages that are provided with this software, Tansa is definitely more a creative editing application than a classical cataloguer.

The input are files (video, pictures & sound) to be batch uploaded and automatically transcoded in various formats (web, tablet etc).
The output are Beams: a stream of chosen content that will be available for various & dynamic usages through a unique url.

One more important information: Tansa is collaborative (work together with a team) and automatically synchronized with the cloud !

New features

Schema editor.

Ok, it looks complex… but it is not so difficult to use as it seems at first sight.
This schema editor enables to:
– create specific fields together with field types (number, string, coordinate, array etc)
– create taxonomies with values / terms
– show / hide fields in the Library (main indexing window)

There will be a standard metatada set (a facet) that will come bundled with a Memoways account; from there it is possible to change / delete / add fields according to the needs of the user.

Asset order.

The Memoways concept for audiovisual media storytelling is to enable dynamic and personal remix of content.
But some content needs to be played in a fixed order in certain circumstances – specially interviews or sequences that express a given chronology.
So we added a simple yet powerful method to implement a specific sequence order, just by selecting & dragging the content in the right order. The order of the assets in the asset list will then be exposed and used in all circumstances where a fixed order of a playlist is needed.

More information about other & new feature will follow soon.