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Upcoming projects n°1

We are developing a powerful generic platform to make video storytelling natively compatible with the web; but that innovative tool will only make sense in the hand of creative people with original projects.

On the technical road full of programming languages, we are fueled and inspired by several exciting projects that will come to the world in the next months.
Here are short introductions to selected projects we are developing with various partners around the world; it’s the first selection, other projects will be presented in the next weeks.

Zeru: an interactive graphic novel coupled to a documentary platform.


ZERU is an innovative transmedia project. An interactive graphic novel takes the reader on a personalized journey through a compelling story / thriller about the plight of Albinos in Africa, while an online documentary platform showcases real-world footage, facts, interviews and other relatable content.

The originality of this transmedia project lies in the bi-directional and personalized connection between the two media: the reader’s interactions within the interactive graphic novel allow him to forge his own narrative path through the story, while creating a trace that will trigger an individual surprise generated in the documentary platform.
Moving through the story chapters, the reader can interact with visual elements: symbols, or parts of the image, can be clicked on.
These interactions do not interfere with the reader’s immersion in the narrative experience but they personalize the way the story unfolds: the way the user interacts with these elements will change and will alter the visual elements (sounds and colors will change and related sequences will be added).
The reading experience will be enhanced by the capabilities of the tablet or the device that it’s consumed on.
However, the most innovative aspect of the experience is the connection of the thriller to the documentary web platform where the reader will be able to experience their own unique, personalized movie.

Memoways is the close technical and conceptual partner on this project. We are looking forward to bringing this project to life, with the aim of creating a concept that can be used by others.

Visions dans le réel: a responsive & mobile cinematic experience.


The “Visions dans le réel” project is a transmedia platform that empowers it’s users to compose unique and surprising movies based on existing audio-visual fragments.

In the case of this project, it will be mainly footage from documentary movies shown each year at the festival «Visions du réel» in Nyon.
The aim is to connect users to the audio-visual memory of a specific space – in this case Nyon with the festival – by being able to read & write stories within this shared memory.

It functions the following way: the user generates his/ her movie with the help of our smartphone app that translates in real time the form of his/her path into a narrative playlist of previously geolocalized media files.
First comes the interactive experience where the user (walker) hears the sound of the movie (walk and listen), then comes the reception where it is possible to watch the resulting personal movie (watch and listen).
Each trace and resulting movie is connected through the user with the initial footage: a network of people, memories, usages and places is creating a world of organically changing and evolving stories.

Our questions:
Why wouldn’t it be possible to keep track and gain access to interesting stories, taking advantage of the dematerialization of content ?
Why wouldn’t it be interesting to connect visions together and create links between questions, stories, people and locations ?
Why wouldn’t it be stimulating to grant independence to images and see that they can tell us multiple stories according to the various contexts they can be embedded in ?
Why wouldn’t it be valuable to create a one to one interaction scene where authors and spectators can mix and remix their mutual exchanges ?