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Next steps

As mentioned in previous posts, we are working hard on bringing all the components of our platform in the hands of our clients and of their end users as soon as possible – and we’re stepping closer and closer to that point.

This post gives an overview on the various applications and services we will release this spring.
Please note that the screenshots are provisory captures of our work: the final look & feel will be different, with a more unified and simplified design.

More detailed posts will follow to go deeper into the details of each component.

Front end developments: mobile app & interactive video remixer

Memoways is all about responsive storytelling: every story within Memoways is generated through the interactions and the behavior of the end user.
That means that every story is unique, tailored to each individual user.

The mobile app: Memowalk
Using the Memowalk mobile application, you can compose as many movies as you wish: each personal walk will generate it’s own unique movie based on previously geolocalized footage. Like an Audio-Walk, you hear contextual stories but you get more: the liberty to walk how you wish, «driven» by your immersive experience !
At the end, you get a unique and surprising movie that you can share with your friends.
Memowalk will be available on the iOS App Store as a free app but can also be branded for each of our partners.

Screenshot of the record screen: the movie is generated and visualized in real time

The web based remix tool: Memobeam
A beam is a dynamic playlist that can be remixed. Just by clicking on keywords, the user can remix a whole set of footage in real time and create his own story.
Video will never be static again: like an evolving feed of content, the beams will keep your content live !
The various beam components (video player, remix & grid view) will be available through embed code.

screenshot of a beta version of our « bubble remix », where interacting with tags results in a remix

Middleware: the OS X indexing software & the admin console

The native OS X indexing software: Tansa
For the moment this application is only available through a direct request –  but we are working towards a distribution on the App Store.

This lightweight and fast software will allow you to to upload, index & create original projects:

  • automatic transcoding
  • geolocalize your content
  • powerful taxonomy editor
  • batch indexing
  • collaborative
  • seamless cloud synchronisation

screenshot of the main interface, with the indexing of a project with « subjective » metadata

The web based admin console: Michi
The administrator of a Memoways account will be able to:

  • invite & manage users
  • create & edit projects
  • create & manage beams
  • monitor usages & content
  • get insightful statistics & billing information

Screenshot of the login into Michi

Back end developments: server & APIs

The Memoways Cloud Services are based on a scalable server, able to communicate with each component in a generic albeit flexible way.
We made a lot of speed and automatisation enhancements, making future additions over this back end future proof.

Server side
More detailled information will follow in a coming post.

The biggest change in our APIs was made around the Beam and Facet concept. More to come on that one later… (because it’s important to get the whole story to get the feeling of the power & potential that will come with those APIs).