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Walking The Edit

Walking autumn news

Here are some news about the latest evolutions of the « Walking the Edit » project.

  1. We received this summer a financial help from the OFC (Swiss Federal promotion of cinema culture) for our Memoways software – we are working hard to build up a software platform that enables us to make new adaptations and projects like we are just doing (next point);
  2. We are working on new adaptations: Brussels, Montreal, Basel and Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Brussel and Basel are happening within artistic exhibitions that are already open, Montreal will be a light&fast adaptation within the FNC festival and the little town of Bagnols in the south of the France will present it’s adaptation to the public in june 2013;
  3. We are still in the process of building the iPhone app to let the visitors « walk their own movies »… If everything is going as it should, mid october there should be a first version of the app on the appstore (fingers crossed);
  4. The team is growing: around Ulrich Fischer (project leader) and Nicolas Goy (main software architect), Fabrice Truillot de Chambrier + Stephan Burlot joined the team as software builder for the Memoways MAC OSX application for the first and iPhone app for the second. In the next days another developer will join the team in order to rebuild the WE website on a new CMS, to be able to add additional features like better video player, an embed-code feature, better search and above all more visualization possibilities of statistics and metadata (the details about the video clips that are played, as text, graphics and on the map).

The next steps will be:

  • presentation of the Walking the Edit project and the Memoways platform at the FNC in Montreal, also in the FNC Pro conference;
  • presentation at Dizaïn in Paris the 23 october
  • more presentations to be announced…

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