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Memowalk: first views


After a good amount of work, our mobile application Memowalk is on the way to get tested. It’s a big release, that will uncover the potential of the Memoways platform and the underlying concepts.

In a few words: the Memowalk mobile application generates a unique and surprising movie out of a recorded path.

You just walk through a neighborhood and our smartphone app tracks your progress and translates your itinerary into a story drawing from the multitude of virtual information held in the ‘augmented space’. All this in realtime! Once your trajectory is translated into a movie you can watch it and see the movies of other people.

It’s a complete new rewrite of our “Walking the Edit” application that we used for the adaptations in Paris, Brussels and Bagnols-Sur-Cèze.

Here are the main features of this application:

  • window navigation. The 3 main screens are divided into 4 windows. Each window is showing a specific view on what is happening; by clicking on the chosen window it will zoom to fit the entire screen. Clicking on an icon will bring back to the general screen.

  • record your path to generate a movie. By clicking on the record button, the user can record the path with the built in GPS; the movie will be created in realtime (the content database is contained in the application). The user hears the sound of the movie he is “composing”; to get an idea of the footage that is played, one window is showing the current thumbnail of the video; another window is showing the list of the chosen assets with some statistics and metadata; the third window helps the user to see on a map where he is located in regard of the geolocalized content; the fourth window will be a surprise (a champaign style surprise !).
  • watch your movie. The second screen will show the list of the recorded paths, rename and publish movies – and watch them !

  • set your preferences. On the third screen, the user will be able to download Beams (more on that in a coming post), to create or login to his account (with Facebook and Google+ login) and to set language preferences.

Please note that the screenshots are not showing the final interface, design and features; as always, changes are already happening… it’s really the first glance on our mobile application we are very proud of. Thanks to Nicolas Goy for his incredible work, both on the iOS and server side.
There are more important and original features we are working on, but those will be revealed in 2014.
We plan to publish the application on the appstore begin of 2014, so stay tuned