What we are working on

We will roll out lot of new stuff until the end of this year; following lines give a first glimpse on what is coming…

Beams are coming: MemoBeam!

This one will be the biggest new feature.
Imagine an open, interactive & dynamic video feed, that allows the user to navigate through a coherent list of assets, previously created by the content owner.
It’s like having access to an open timeline and to be able to remix, aggregate and embed the result of your own timeline (your filtering choice).
A typical Beam would hold between 10 to several hundreds assets (video pieces, rushes) that have a semantic coherence (like a unique theme with a specific localization).
The biggest difference with what YouTube and others are providing ? The Beams give access to individual assets (and not to closed movies), allowing anybody (from the content owner to the end user) to generate he’s own combination (edit) of those assets.
The editing was never that simple!
The magic? Using words to describe, connect and then combine content into a story… And of course with a custom HTML5 video player.

But that’s not all. Imagine this:
Beams on a map: the assets will show up on a map, where it is possible to see & play them. By filtering and selecting assets in your way, the map will output… a movie!
– And more surprises: mix & mashup Beams; User Generated Beams…

Brand new mobile application: MemoWalk.

We already have the version 1.0 of our mobile apps (for iOS & Android); the version 2.0 that is under development is a complete rewrite with lots of new features. Like:
Connect to Beams: get the content that is near the place you are in; get the type of content you are interested in; get access to premium content…
See the content on a map: the available content is shown on a custom map; you can play the content directly from the map;
Improved editing engine: with access to more metadata and an advanced, customizable algorithm: the resulting movies will seamlessly fit into your immediate context and adapt to your behavior through our own behavioral pattern algorithm;
User creation: connect with your Facebook or Google+ account or simply create a user with the Memoways login

And: new design (yes!), Bubble Beams ®, thumbnails, user preferences (language, type of content) etc

Memoways Admin Console: Michi.

Please welcome Michi, our responsive web administration console. Michi means “street” in japanese: your memo way is possible on michi !
With help of this administration console, our customers will be able to:
administrate the content (the assets), the usages (see our solutions) and the taxonomies (lists);
create Beams through smart filters; edit & update the Beams;
– get access to statistics and analytics (get you own data usages for the Pay-As-You-Go service);
administrate the users, editors and team members;

And a huge breathtaking feature: build your own mobile app directly out of Michi, get a mail invitation to install your own app on your mobile device…
Creating your own mobile app’s with your own content was never this simple!

Memoways OS X: Tansa.

Our editing and indexing software will get following new features:
taxonomy editor (build your own lists);
Beam Creator (generate your Beams directly out of the application);
advanced editing features (group editing; weight editing; conditional editing)

By the way: it’s the big brother of Michi, so we called it Tansa. Hello, Tansa ! Michi being the street (the way), Tansa is the inquiry, the question…

Memoways Cloud Services: the pulsing heart of your memory.

The central core of the Memoways platform are our Cloud Services.
update of our API’s: more power & access to the content & intelligence (metadata);
update of the web-SDK to be able to “Beam” and to present Timelines (Walks and other Playlists) in an open and embbedable way

But most of the new features of the Cloud Services will not be visible as such: they allow the integration of the Beams and all the other new things that are coming down the road, not so far away anymore.

And that’s not all: as we’ve got a solid financial support lately, more surprises and new features are being integrated in the Memoways Platform, so stay tuned…!