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Move Your Story News

The CTI research projet « Move Your Story » we are working on in partnership with the TAM team at the University of Geneva is evolving and providing first valuable results.
To illustrate the outcomes of this project we did a short video:

Move Your Story: presentation of the research project from Memoways on Vimeo.

Memoways provides a mobile application that creates movies according to the displacements of a person. The « Move Your Story » project will improve the Memoways platform by taking into account the behavior and the current interests of the user. This information will be obtained by analysing the data produced by the different sensors of a smartphone.

Here are two screenshots of 1) the interface of the android app we are using to get behavioral pattern within time, and 2) a presentation of results.

 We will include this algorithm within our already existing Android mobile application  for Q4 2013.

What’s new:
map: see assets (content) on the map; get own position and trace; see the recorded path on the map with the chosen audio files;
audio: play individual audio files (on the map / through a list)
use scenario: choose the « genre » or type of content you wish to get (drop down list with 2 – 4 choices).

What’s coming:
– improved interface (UX & design)
– integration of the behavior algorithm & improvement of the editing engine
– integration of new taxonomies & metadata to improve the editing engine
– more to come…

Here are some screenshots from the other developments of the Android version of our mobile application (map, audio & use scenario).