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An android version of the WE app for smartphone

In order to let more people use our WE app for smartphone (« Walk your movie« ), we are making an Android version.
To be more precise, this is done with the help of our partner ISS at the University of Geneva – a great thank you to the crew and specially to Kevin Salvi and Jody Hausman.

Here are the first screenshots of the current state of the application; we plan to release a public version for mid May.

On the road of building up the editing engine, the same team from the ISS used the possibilities of Google Earth to visualize how the editing engine is choosing the media files on the « key points » on the walk.

This video is showing what media file (out of the available files) is chosen in relation to localisation, thematic continuity and speed mapping (the current speed is mapped to a duration range). The resulting video of this test is here.