First screenshots

The Memoways application (more about this app here) is still in very early development stage, but already « working » with real world projects, like the adaptations we did this fall in Brussels, Basel and Montreal.

Here are some first screenshots of the main editing interface:

The interface should be quite obvious: you have a liste of assets (the non edited footage), you select an asset on the left side, and you can then « index » (tag) the asset with geolocalisation, give an suggestive name (subject) and affiliate the asset to usages and thematics. Those lists, as seen with those two examples, can be managed and edited by the administrator.

Once the indexing work is completed (geolocalisation, name, usages and thematics) the basics are done and it is possible to export a « package » of content to build a specific version of the WE app for iPhone. This package consists of the audio part of the original assets, together with the metadata that are used by the editing engine in the mobile application.

Two more screens to show a little more: the login screen and the upload window.

More will follow soon !