Great news

After a financial support from the OFC / BAK (Swiss Federal cultural funding) this summer, helping us to build up the Memoways application, we just received another Swiss Federal support, from the CTI. To both institutions, a warm « thank you » for the financial help and confidence in our project. Both institutions are giving an important amount of money (for their corresponding financial capacities), so their support becomes even stronger and more important for us.

What is great with those two founding, is that it shows that our project is « compatible » with two, ordinarily separate visions: the cultural politics and the industrial logic. In order to build up a toolset that is generic and open to use outside of a given artistic / esthetic background, we need an open-minded support that is not only focused either on the technical / economic side or only on the artistic / cultural aspects.

A few words about this project, called « MoveYourStory : Automatic and Interactive Mobile Story Creation », done in close partnership with ISS / University of Geneva.

The MYS project will improve the Memoways toolset by taking into account the behaviour and the current interests of the user. This information will be obtained by analysing the data produced by the different sensors of a smartphone.