Memoways client application

As written in this previous post, we decided to change our strategy for building our Memoways client application.

The goal of this application is described on this updated page of our website.

Here are some informations about how to use this application:

– the first thing to do, is to create an admin user. This super admin can then invite other users (admin, editors, viewers) to work collaboratively on tagging assets and / or on projects
– select local video files and upload them on the cloud (on the cloud storage of Memoways); the uploaded videos are automatically transcoded (through Zencoder) in the different HTML5 flavors
– add « objective » metadata on the uploaded files (who, when, where, how…)
create a project (name, description etc), with specific thematic lists, keywords, contacts…
– import chosen assets in the project and add « subjective » metadata (what, about, subject, thematic)
route (connect) the assets to web services (decide on a file base the connection of each asset to specific usages)

At this point, the project can go online and can be used by the public. But the Memoways client software lets also do following things once the projects are in use:

manage projects and usages (the walks and generated movies)
– see statistics of usages (assets, walks, movies etc)
manage users (add, remove, change)

A first version of this software will be usable at the end of 2012; once the program is working as it should, it will be freely available on the App Store and our website.

To give an idea of the coming software: a bit of history…
Our first prototypes where in fact home-made CMS: through a web browser, it was possible to edit metatada and work on the use scenarios.
Following picture shows the CMS we used between 2008 and 2010.

This picture shows the moment of the « subjective » indexation (thematics, tags etc).
The principle of the coming application will be close to this: it will be possible to watch the video file, to place it on the map and to add metadata (field by field or through presets).

More information will follow…