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Ulrich Fischer (Switzerland): Walking the edit UPDATE_4 BIENNIAL New Technological Art Award 2012 Stichting Liedts-Meesen iMAL, Brussel 2012 ...
The TpM celebrates its 15th Birthday! The theme of this year is "Storytelling and Digital Experience in Tourism" Interview with Ulrich Fischer, CE...
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TSR (swiss television) made a short presentation of the project "Walking the Edit". The original video with english subtitles.
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Using the Memowalk mobile application, you can compose as many movies as you wish: each personal path will generate it's own unique movie. Like an ...
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An immersive and interactive filmic experience about scientific research at CERN...
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This video is presenting the "bubble remix" function, allowing to navigate within the videos. Play with the filters, bubbles will appear, jump dire...
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Made as a "Proof of Concept" for the RST, this Video Player showcases how it is possible to navigate through a given list of videos with help of ta...
The interview of Ulrich Fischer for the Swiss ICT Award 2014....
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Video as a stream of files: remix your own story ! Memoways brings a platform and a video player to enable real interactive video...