Award at PttP with Zeru

Together with Dan Wechsler of Bord Cadre films, we where presenting mid October the project ZERU at the Pixel Market at Power to the Pixel in London.

ZERU is an innovative transmedia project: an interactive graphic novel enables the reader to get an individual and immersive journey through a linear story, while a documentary platform is dynamically providing real world footage, bringing facts, interviews and other kind of content relevant to the cause.
The originality of this transmedia project is the bi-directionnal and personalized connection between the two mediums: the interactions of the reader within the interactive graphic novel will let him stay into his own narrative path through the story, while creating a trace that will trigger an individual surprise coming from within the documentary platform.

La suite…

Move Your Story News

The CTI research projet « Move Your Story » we are working on in partnership with the TAM team at the University of Geneva is evolving and providing first valuable results.
To illustrate the outcomes of this project we did a short video:

Move Your Story: presentation of the research project from Memoways on Vimeo.

Memoways provides a mobile application that creates movies according to the displacements of a person. The « Move Your Story » project will improve the Memoways platform by taking into account the behavior and the current interests of the user. This information will be obtained by analysing the data produced by the different sensors of a smartphone.

Here are two screenshots of 1) the interface of the android app we are using to get behavioral pattern within time, and 2) a presentation of results.

 We will include this algorithm within our already existing Android mobile application  for Q4 2013.

What’s new:
map: see assets (content) on the map; get own position and trace; see the recorded path on the map with the chosen audio files;
audio: play individual audio files (on the map / through a list)
use scenario: choose the « genre » or type of content you wish to get (drop down list with 2 – 4 choices).

What’s coming:
– improved interface (UX & design)
– integration of the behavior algorithm & improvement of the editing engine
– integration of new taxonomies & metadata to improve the editing engine
– more to come…

Here are some screenshots from the other developments of the Android version of our mobile application (map, audio & use scenario).

An android version of the WE app for smartphone

In order to let more people use our WE app for smartphone (« Walk your movie« ), we are making an Android version.
To be more precise, this is done with the help of our partner ISS at the University of Geneva – a great thank you to the crew and specially to Kevin Salvi and Jody Hausman.

Here are the first screenshots of the current state of the application; we plan to release a public version for mid May.

On the road of building up the editing engine, the same team from the ISS used the possibilities of Google Earth to visualize how the editing engine is choosing the media files on the « key points » on the walk.

This video is showing what media file (out of the available files) is chosen in relation to localisation, thematic continuity and speed mapping (the current speed is mapped to a duration range). The resulting video of this test is here.

Background informations about the WE project

Walking through some questions, concepts, answers…

Looking back on our way (lessons learned).

Even in a software centric approach, human decision and choices are very important (in the design of the algorithm, for example): the resulting interactions have to create an immersive experience for the user, leading to a complementary approach to storytelling. The resulting « algorithmic movies » should not be taken as replacements to existing « hand made movies », but as a new narrative continent, where stories unfold through the connections between content, users and places.

The difficulty and the challenges of this project are in finding a right and interesting balance between authorship and (inter)active users, between designing a story and designing a storyworld, between a framed narration and an open experience.

La suite…

New developments

We are working on major updates on the back-end application (the Memoways software) and on the front-end side (the visualization of Memoways content on websites).

The Memoways software is now getting automatic updates:

The next important features that will come this month are:

  • separation between Workspace view (the « objective » metadata and asset handling) and the Project view (the « subjective » metadata and affiliation of the assets into specific projects).
  • search & filtering

Once those two major updates are implemented, the Memoways software will permit a more efficient and precise work.

The plug-in for WordPress is about to be released:

The core functionnality is already implemented (see but through this plug-in the use will be greatly improved.

Spring news

Still from WE shooting in Geneva / Pauline Julier

Time passed since my last english post about the iPhone app. As explained here, we (the developer Nicolas Goy and I) build a new company called Memoways in june 2011: the idea was to separate the technical developments from the artistic issues. Memoways is in charge of the whole technical aspect (software mostly), with the aim to be as generic as possible, and C-Side Production of the production of artistic adaptations over Memoways (like Walking the Edit or Heritage Experience). With the Memoways ecosystem, it will be possible for any content producer to build up projects like Walking the Edit or the Smartmap, with his own content, with full control over content, metadata and the « rules of the game ».

La suite…

English news

With the summer 2011 comes the first english post in this blog. There are more and more non french speaking visitors, and writing in english will force me to write down things in a more simple and direct way…

I apologize for the english that certainly will not be perfect but hopefully understandable !

So, what are the news, what is going on with this project ?

First, the main big thing that is under work just now: we just created a new structure called « Memoways«  to commercialize the toolset that is behind the Walking the Edit project.
This toolset is mainly composed by a database managed through a custom CMS and linked with API’s to the client applications (the iPhone app’, the website); a separate post will give more insight into that toolset.
We will separate the artistic adaptations (like Walking the Edit and Heritage Experience) from the more generic uses that can be made with this toolset (in a touristic or historic perspective; in combination with an ARG game…). The version 1.0 of our webapp (based on the Cappuccino Framework) will be out during this summer; the underlying database is almost created. After the creation of an user account, anyone can use this app to upload, manage and specify personalized user scenarios in combination with mobile computing uses; the subscription system will be based on a Freemium model.
But, who is « we » ? Mainly 2 persons: Nicolas Goy (the lead developer working on the WE project since more than 3 years) and Ulrich Fischer (who build up the project in 2007). There are other people working with us – the website with more detailed information and the blog of this new entity will arrive in a few days: stay tuned !

Second, we are developing the version 1.0 of our iPhone app’ which should be available as a free download on the iTunes store in the next few weeks (end of June I hope !).
The app will have following features:
– walk and record your movie (this part is already working in our existing beta version) – you hear in realtime the sound of your movie;
– have a graphical overview of your movie, in real time, through our special « bubble view » mode (see here for a simulation);
– watch your walked movie (this is a new feature) – you have access to your recorded paths and movies to watch them directly on your iPhone.

Third, we continue to work on presentations and demoing the whole system.
Several doors for specific new adaptations are opening and under discussion; it is too soon to give any concrete news by now but there will be updates on this in the next weeks.