Our innovative & personalized audio guide, that follows the behavior and path of the visitor to deliver in real time a surprising and unique story.

Create custom & dynamic playlists to let users remix your content, embed & send the result to a website, a mobile app or any smart device.

By using the Memoways Software Platform, content producers can leverage their content beyond the known outputs (cinema and television delivery, web video).

The solutions presented on this page show two complementary examples of how it is possible to deliver your content in multiple & original ways to your audience.

The final users will gain interactive and playful access to your valuable content: they will be engaged in a highly personalized way with your project.

The more solutions lead to an engaging and personalized access to your content, the better you can maximize the return on investment (ROI).

MemoWalk: walk your movie !

Walk a movie : generate your own personal story just by walking !

Whether the experience is based on documentary style images or video pieces from existing feature movies, the public can compose it’s own personal movies based on audio-visual content connected to locations.

You just walk through a neighborhood and our smartphone app tracks your progress and translates your itinerary into a story drawing from the multitude of virtual information held in the ‘augmented space’. All this in realtime!

Once your trajectory is translated into a movie you can watch it and see the movies of other people.

Generate your own movie just by walking !

Stories are coming from under your feet…

Stories are coming from the location you go through: the practice of “walking of a movie” is an open and playful way of interacting with the audiovisual memory of our surrounding environment and everyday life. By mixing our immediate reality with feeds and data coming from the digital space (the mobile internet), we create a so-called “augmented reality”.

Our artistic project “Walking the Edit” built with help of the Memoways Platform opens an alternative path in this hybrid territory, by reducing the possible combinations between the geolocalized video assets into one personal and unique story.

One story out of many potential others: the past of the place you are interacting with is (re)combining itself to deliver a new, contextual and unique story that belongs to your present.

Depending on the existing documents, you will have an interactive and meaningful access to stories that are related to the place you are going through. You can choose to get only love stories coming from the various feature movies that were created in the neighborhood; you can listen to experts that are explaining the end of oil just by passing a gas station…

Using the Memowalk mobile application for your project, you can let your audience create as many surprising movies as they wish: each personal path will generate it’s own unique movie.


Questions –> Solutions :

  • Native web stories and experiences: deliver your content in a way people use the web
  • Engage your audience with your project: your public becomes active and creative
  • Create a community: once engaged, people will spread the word and bring others in

Create your own video postcard !

Discover the stories that were recorded by other tourists in the places you visited.

Make your own personal video postcard without effort in an automatic and fun manner: show your friends where you walked through, how the place looked like the time you where there and what stories where recorded in this place.

Without making any image or video, you could discover yourself on images made by other people, taken at the same place and the same moment you were in.

With our coming smartphone application, you will be able to record your path and get an automatically edited selection from the Memoways Cloud Platform and the UGC websites (like Flickr, YouTube etc).

The interesting part are not only the various personal fragments, but moreover the original mashup of all those documents that will be filtered and played through the logic of your own path.

It will be possible to adjust the settings of the filtering logic to retrieve only a specific set of documents.

The end user has the freedom to choose how the existing geo-localized documents will be presented to him – and this without any previous technical skills or any kind of work: just adjust the settings for a dynamic live stream or a « delayed » video postcard from our platform.


Questions -> Solutions:

  • Inform: adapt the available information to the profile and needs of the tourist
  • Entertain: turn the information into an entertaining story and experience
  • Engage: make the tourist active by adding his own content (images, videos, text)

Read & write memory

Access in a original and emotional way to the audio-visual history / memory of your city !

Simply walk through your neighborhood and the past of this territory will unveil its stories in real time, through audio and / or video streams that are linked to the place you are going through.
Imagine: you hear sound fragments from 1950 – the noise of old cars and rumor of the city is creating a mental image, you “see” the road you are going through with other eyes and imagine how this place could have appeared 60 years ago…Besides ambient sounds, you will also have access to stories (interviews, excerpts from feature movies) which will tell you how this part of the city had evolved and what was going on years ago.
In a way, you are opening a door to the past of the territory you a going through: first you hear sounds from the past, and after you will see the images that belong to the sound you just listened to while walking – the resulting movie is uniquely combined just for you !

See the website of “Heritage Experience” for an existing use case. A walk through the Cité Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) can give this result.


Questions –> Solutions:

  • Get a contextual access to archive material: what happened at this place, in this context ?
  • Interact & add information: add your own insights and documents to the shared collective memories
  • Create a story out of the available material: your interaction and selection will produce a sharable story

The features included in the Memoways Cloud Platform to integrate your content into Memowalk

Directly within Memoways Tansa, you can generate & publish your own Beams. Make your query, name and save it: you created a Beam.

This Beam will be available in Memowalk for test purposes (private) or to get used by the public.


We can customize the layout and the content (text, sound, images) of the Memowalk generic app, just for you.

That means that you will get your own custom version of Memowalk for your specific presence on the app or play store.


The Memowalk mobile app will be available on iOS & Android. We have build up a native mobile app architecture in both environments, with generic parts (structure, navigation, features) and customizable elements (content, layout, information, algorithm).


MemoBeam: remix your movie !


Remix your own story out of a dynamic & coherent stream of content !

Imagine an open, interactive & dynamic video feed that allows the user to navigate through a coherent list of assets, previously created by the content owner.

It’s like having access to an open timeline and to be able to remix, aggregate and then embed the result of your own filtering choice.

A typical Beam would hold between 10 to several hundreds assets (video pieces, rushes) that have a semantic coherence (like a unique theme with a specific localization).

The biggest difference with YouTube and others ? The Beams give access to individual assets (and not to closed movies), allowing anybody (from the content owner to the end user) to generate he’s own combination (edit) of those assets.

The editing was never that simple!

The magic? Using words to describe, connect and then combine content into a story… of course, with our custom HTML5 video player.

You can make yourself an idea of Memobeam by looking at the screenshots of beta versions of the Memobeam interface.

The value you add on your content  with the Memoways Platform are rich Metadata, tailored to your own specific needs.

Within Memobeam, your exposed Metadata will help people to remix and get their own relation to your content through… words.


Your beam plays like a movie, but it is not a movie: it is a « living » feed of content. You added new clips ? They will be dynamically added to your beam

You added new tags ? They will appear in the interface and allow new remix sessions.

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